Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Life Right Now

So Dallin has always drunken (tense?) his pediatric drinks from a soft-nippled sippy cup. He won't suck hard enough on the hard-nippled ones that don't leak. He drinks water and juice from just a cup, but for some reason, he will not drink his pediatric drinks ("milk") from a cup, a hard-nippled sippy cup that doesn't leak, and just those cheap hard nippled sippy cups that just have the mouth thing (and if you tip them they leak). So, he usually drinks 3 of those drinks a day (sometimes 2 just because I want to start slowly weaning him from them) but the last one he drank was yesterday morning because, well, one: I didn't give him one after lunch, and two: he would not drink his dinner one because (he drank a little in a soft-nippled sippy, but he ruined that one too) he has now ruined all of his soft-nippled sippies and I'm not going to buy any more for him to just ruin, and so I am either having him drink his "milk" from a cup or one of those cheap leaky sippies. He is one incredibly stubborn boy. Hmmm. I wonder where he gets it from. Anyways, he's even more a pain in the butt because he hasn't had one of those drinks in over 24 hours now, and his skinny body is used to getting a lot more calories. He came into our room this morning around 5am and then again right before 6am. I don't do well with a lack of sleep, and add Dallin being a stubborn pain in the butt and different sleeping schedules with Emma, my life is not fun right now. I hope Dallin drinks his "milk" soon because I am going to go crazy. And thanks to his crappy doctor (who is no longer his doctor any more because I am never taking Dallin to him again) for putting us through all this crap. This could have been avoided if his doctor would have just prescribed him an antacid as a baby! AAAAAAAAAAAH! It makes me want to scream. Just a heads up for you tri-city people, don't ever take your child to KGH Kidscare in Kennewick. Both doctors there suck. They pay no attention to your child's growth curve, which is basic pediatrics.

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  1. Ah, those dang sippy cups! They are so convenient, but such a pain to keep them all with their parts together and working.
    Good luck finding a new doctor who works better (or at all!) with you!